National Attachment Trauma Awareness Day

It’s NATA Day…It’s For a Lifetime!

#NATADay2014 a HUGE Success

Thanks to everyone who donated, volunteered, blogged, posted, tweeted!!

  • We raised $3901 through our first online fundraising campaign. That equates to scholarships for 110 families!  Incredible!   We had 24 donors and over 500 people visit our Causevox site.
  • Our social media has exploded.  By June 30 we had over 5100 Facebook followers and 187 Twitter followers.  Some of our posts are getting seen by over 25,000 people – and nearly all are seen by about 1,000 people.  This will continue to help us publicize all of our other efforts.
  • We launched our new ATN Learning Center Website ( – with a NATA Day page.
  • We shortened and re-released our Letter from a Parent video and PDF – and that was picked up by several Facebook groups and some blogs.  Since mid-June this video has been viewed over 800 times.
  • We released three free audio interviews – two with Dr. Art Becker-Weidman and one with Toni Hoy.  They’re still posted below!
  • We hosted a screening of My Name is Faith in Atlanta, funded through the Atlanta Braves Foundation.
  • We are aware of at least six Letters to the Editor that ATN members were able to get in their local newpapers during June.
  • The Iowa Trauma Mamas led by ATN Member Kim Jensen wanted to honor their local congressman who had been instrumental in state legislation that provided funding for in-home services for their children.  So they gave him the first “Friend of Traumatized Children” award in conjunction with ATN for NATA Day.  This is definitely a program we can expand through our advocates for next year.

Want to help with NATADay2015?  Planning starts soon.

Email Julie Beem, ATN’s Executive Director or Alex Englander from SoMe PR & Social Media to get involved!

Our Gift to you…On NATA Day

Interviews with Dr. Art Becker-Weidman of the Center for Family Development in NY.

  • Part 1 – Topic:  Evaluating Children for Complex Trauma.
  • Part 2 – Topic:  How Parents can Recognize Complex Trauma in their Child and What to Do Next

Interview with Toni Hoy, Author and ATN’s Advocacy Group Leader.  Topic: How One Voice Can Make a Difference!

Please share these interviews

What is NATA Day?

Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc.(ATN), the oldest parent-led organization devoted  to helping traumatized children and those with attachment disorders, is raising awareness of these disorders, by recognizing


Thursday, June 19, 2014

National Attachment Trauma Awareness Day

(NATA Day)

The Facts

  • A child is abused or neglected in the US every 47 seconds.
  • The US Dept of Health & Human Resources reports that 90% of children in foster care are at risk for trauma-based problems
  • Research shows that over 85% of abused/neglected children have insecure attachment. 
  • Attachment trauma results when a child is unable to develop a healthy attachment with their primary caregiver,
  • Out of the 1 million adopted children (through foster care or internationally) 45% have attachment & trauma-related behaviors worthy of clinical treatment. — Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute 2010

What can I do?

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Share with your friends and community the critical impact of Early Childhood Trauma and how much children with Attachment Trauma need our help.

Attend the live My Name is Faith screening event in Atlanta on June 19 or Listen to audio interviews being released on June 19.

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