Going on vacation and sleeping in one of the best hotels in world isn’t just enough. Something is missing and that is definitely the signatory recipe of that city. You just cannot go to Los Angeles and fail to put your lips around their exotic foods. If you are thinking of spending your holiday in Los Angeles, you really need to get a vehicle and visit restaurants around Los Angeles and enjoy those iconic meals. It’s really worth a try. Here is the list of the five popular foods in Los Angeles you can’t afford to miss if you are on vacation there:

Chorizo breakfast burrito

When you are in Los Angeles, you need to find time an take a bite of this. All you need to sdo is to locate the Coffax coffee shop around the street corner and get down to your memorable breakfast. Though the coffee shop is small but that has taken nothing from its chip and smoked potato laden breakfast. That is why burrito has registered itself as the city handy tortilla wrapped community.

Seared Salmon Right Away

You need to get a taxi and locate Sushi Ike restaurant for this incredible meal. You can check the address through your navigational apps such as Google Map. You can only get seared salmon at the bar located at the raw fish institution. It melts right on your tongue and gives the best feeling of eating a sushi.

Squid ink garganelli

If you are looking forward to a meal in the city that was imported right from the farm, this is the answer. It is a meal that comprises lobster, fennel and truffle butter. It gives you that fresh satisfaction of a table meal you might not find in other cities.

Fruit from any roadside stand

You don’t need a special restaurant for this in Los Angeles. Just take a walk around the city and find any roadside stand to get these fruits. Since Los Angeles has the reputation for the best produced fruits in the whole of United States. There is no better time to see varieties of these fruits other than sunny summer. One of the most common places in the city you will see these vendors are in front of a bank.

With just 5 dollars, you will get full bag with varieties of ultra-fresh fruits and squeezed lemon, sometimes with Jicama if you are very lucky. If you love spicing food, you will love the chili powder that is also part of the full package. Your experience with these juicy and flavorful fruits will always stay with you even after your holiday in Los Angeles.

Short rib

This barbeque meal at Odys and Penelope is not just the one of the best barbeque in the city but definitely one of the best meals you can have in L.A. it is a dinosaur-sized-bone in hunky hunka meal that is extremely delicious. When you take this barbeque, the experience is quite unexplainable. Find the spot and dig in.


Though we have several other meals that will drive your appetite to the next level, However, these highlighted five meals are those you must eat to make your stay worthwhile in Los Angeles.
Bon A petit!